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Do you feel that your need extra cash? To improve your income you can think of doing some additional jobs on weekends. This will help you to earn some more money to fulfill your requirements. There are plenty of opportunities in different industrial sectors for those who are looking for weekend jobs.

Every sector, be it food, hospitality or recreation, becomes active during the weekends. So there are numerous opportunities in these sectors to earn some fast money. Let us look at the opportunity in the recreation industry. There are many tourist spots like zoos, museums, art galleries, etc which may require people to work as tour guides and take care of the visitors. For people with some knowledge about these interesting places, it will be very easy to find weekend jobs.

Another intriguing option is to be a fitness expert. If you are crazy about workouts and fitness, you can make use of these and convert your expertise into a weekend job. You may find many people looking for fitness trainers especially during the weekends to give them instructions about staying fit. If you have training in yoga, pilates, tae-bo, or other specialties then it becomes an added advantage.

If you are a writer who can write great copy for advertising or interesting articles for certain magazines then you can find opportunities writing for projects independently. You can take up some of these according to your interest and work from the convenience of your home during weekends. Your writing can fetch you a fair amount of money. If the employers are happy with your work, you can get work from them continuously which can be an excellent addition to your income.

Are you a person with excellent marketing skills? Then you can become a part time fund raiser for some of the non-profit organizations or charities located close to you. The job is to raise funds and donations for the organization by meeting various persons and establishments.

You need to be presentable and trustworthy to make people believe that the funds given to you will reach the organizations safely. Some states may require you to have a license for doing this kind of job. You can be paid hourly or based on the percentage of the funds raised.